About the Chamber

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce Queensland represents businesses and across Queensland, Australia and The Netherlands in the collective pursuits to enhance our trade relationships, business environment and positively impact both sides of an incredibly valuable relationship.

Since it’s founding in 2019, the DCCQ has seen consistent growth and engagement and continues to be an integral community for Dutchies locally as well as those keen to best understand our connections back to The Netherlands. With a diverse member base across industry, politics, public and private enterprise we proactively advocate for and represent an engaged community keen to foster support amongst one another.

We ensure our independence as a not for profit organisation serving our members best interests and positively reaching forward for the best future we can envisage. With the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympics now on our horizon, we understand our efforts are even more impactful now more than ever.’

Meet the board

Kees Hertog

Ralph Vossenberg

Sean Beattie

Paul Budde

Aegir Brands

Andre Loodewijk