Member benefits

Join us in early 2021 and enjoy the DCCQ member benefits.

Network with leading businesses from the Netherlands and Queensland

Join interesting events at a discounted rate

Present yourself as an expert and share your professional knowledge

The DCCQ becomes your partner in building valuable business networks between the Netherlands and Queensland.

The DCCQ can help you connect directly with businesses in our community. We take pride in getting to know every single one of our members personally, as we believe that is how real connections are built. When we understand our members, their business objectives, and their needs, we can help them meet business partners and seize more opportunities with leading companies.

We offer a year-round program of content-driven events, varying from keynote presentations to networking events and informal business gatherings. All events are accessible to members at a discounted rate.

Be a speaker at our events to share your knowledge and business experience. Let our community learn from you.

Our events are inspired by significant industry developments with a view to share best practices in focused business areas. We actively seek the participation of our members, whose knowledge and business experience ensure relevant content in support of the focused busines areas.

Receive access to the Member Portal

Get exposure in the Member Directory

Advance your business with advice on the Netherlands and Queensland

All DCCQ members receive a personal login to access the Member Portal. As a member, you will be able to:

  • Privately connect with other members in the Member Directory
  • Access the Member Forum (TBC)

As an individual member, you will get exposure as a business professional in the Individual Member Directory.

As a corporate member, your organisation will be included in the Corporate Member Directory.

With extensive business experience in both the Netherlands and Australia, the DCCQ can offer you their unique perspectives. Receive support through advanced networks and leverage differences and similarities in culture, economics, and business principles.

Receive invites to our future events